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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kács, Hungary (Kács, Ungarn) (Kács, Magyarország) 08.2013.

Last week we traveled to the small village of Kács in the southern part of the Bükk Mountains. This village is known for its historical buildings and small lukewarm thermal springs. These springs and the Kács Brook are the only remaining habitats of the Black Nerite Snail (Theodoxus prevostianus) in Hungary. This primitive snail was once a bit more common in the Carpathian Basin, however, nowadays it is only found in 3 other locations (in Austria and Slovenia) and nowhere else on the planet.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tenerife: Anaga Mountains (Teneriffa: Anaga-Gebirge) (Tenerife: Anaga-hegység) 03.2013.

The Anaga Peninsula is the gratest place on Tenerife to get away from mass tourism and to find natural laurisilva forests which once covered much of the island. The highest point of the Anaga Mountain Range (Macizo de Anaga) is just over 1000 m, which doesn't count as high on the island, but the peaks are really steep and the valleys are small. This has caused the peninsula to be sparsely populated and to retain its natural beauty.